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is an forensic engineering consulting firm specializing in vibration troubleshooting and failure analysis. Since its founding in 1986 by Chris D Powell, STC's approach has been simple:
  • First, positively identify the basic nature of the problem.
  • Second, gain a thorough understanding of why that problem exists.
  • Finally, design an efficient and effective remedy.

Simple as this may seem, dependable solutions that do not create new problems can be designed only after complete evaluation and proper analysis. STC takes great pride in its reputation for finding economical fixes to industries' most difficult problems.

STC provides: vibration troubleshooting, rotating equipment analysis, stress analysis, failure analysis, noise analysis, modal analysis, strain gage testing, forensic engineering, litigation support and expert witness services.


"If your product rotates or reciprocates, if your structure shakes and breaks, then STC is your vibration consultant."


Vibration and Failure Analysis Capabilities

Rotating Equipment Analysis
dynamic balancing
spectral mapping
bearing diagnostics
predictive maintenance
motor diagnostics
order tracking

Stress Analysis
mechanical, thermal
pressure, seismic
design reviews

Failure Analysis
fatigue evaluations
fracture mechanics

Forensics Engineering
expert witness service
litigation support
Noise Analysis
acoustic sound intensity mapping
third-octave analysis
noise source identification

Modal Analysis

normal and complex modes
structural modification
operating deflection shapes

Strain Gage Testing
static, dynamic, torque
residual stress measurement
product development

Vibration Troubleshooting
vibration surveys
failure analysis
malfunction diagnostics


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